I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

-Albert Einstein

Think back to when you were a kid. If you were like us, then RESEARCH described something OTHER people in white coats and ties were doing. Something we didn’t have a part in. Today we are university students, some of us even researchers themselves, and, to be honest, research still seems to be this elusive thing done by old white-haired people.

At YD we want to change that. We believe EVERYONE has the ability to do research. We believe that titles, professorships or a university career shouldn’t be gatekeepers of research. We aim to help ANYONE, even those that don’t believe they can, to get their ideas out there. We support your research, no matter your age, your field of study, your job or your descent. 

Let this be the genesis of YOU, THE RESEARCHER.

-Lara, David, Tibor

What we ask of you:

Quality and precision. This is the core of research and therefore the core of YD. 

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What we offer you:

To enable ANYONE we offer simple research coaching and a place to publish your ideas, opinions and concepts as scientifically sound work. 

Let this be the genesis of YOU, THE RESEARCHER.

This is YD.

Raising the bar with ISO.

We are only as good as the standard we use to measure ourselves. The standard we chose is the internationally recognized ISO-norm, specifically the ISO norm 215:1986. This means that all of the content you see in the journal meets the stringent requirements of ISO for contributions to periodicals and other serials. To make sure this level of quality is maintained without exception, every work undergoes a multi-step screening process before we decide to publish it. The works that meet all our quality criteria make it to the journal and only the best get collected and released in our quarterly issued YD Collections.

Tibor Spath

Co-Founder & Lecturer
Head of Research & Coaching

Management by Design, BSc – New Design University St. Pölten AT 

Representative for SARS-CoV2 statistics & documentation at the University Hospital Vienna, researcher at the Medical University of Vienna.

Brunner-Ziegler S, Tibor S et al., Postvaccination infections among staff of a tertiary care hospital after vaccination with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 vector and mRNA-based vaccines, Clinical Microbiology and Infection, https://doi.org/10.1016/


Lara Kastler

Co-Founder, Head of Messaging & Social Media

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David Breyer

Co-Founder, Editor, Head of Identity & Media

Management by Design, BSc – New Design University St. Pölten AT


I co-founded YD to make a statement. A statement, that we, now more than ever, need the truth to guide our decisions. That’s one of the driving forces of YD. The thing is, getting to the truth can be boring and tedious. Research isn’t exactly exciting for the average Jane. It only seems to be exciting for the people that actually do research. So our mission is simple: Make it more exciting, using bold design and a young and fresh image, to get more people into it. For the future of us all. Stay curious!

Jonas Vallentin, MSc

Head of Governance

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